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5 Top tips when starting your search for your next home.

1. Understand your finances

  1. Review your savings, income and outgoings.

  2. Understand what you can afford and will not put you under financial pressure. (please note we are not financial advisors).

2. Set out your criteria

  1. List out everything you want - don’t worry, compromising will come later.

  2. To start with, list out your priorities (bedrooms, size etc) that will determine your search.

3. Focus on one area at a time

  1. Narrowing your location radius will help you better understand what options you will have with your search criteria.

  2. You’ll soon get a good understanding of the area’s market value and properties that are good value in that area.

4. Be prepared to compromise…

  1. Yes, inevitably this will have to happen. It’s kind of part of the process but don’t worry you will still be able to get what you want.

  2. Once you’ve viewed a couple house you will start to restructure your initial priorities and this will determine those compromises.

5. Don’t forget to turn on notifications to HouseScanner

  1. We will update you with daily properties matching your requirements

  2. Our team are here to make your search as stress free as possible.

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